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"Freeman Frazier is competence, skill
and experience with
a friendly face."

Wyatt Rushton
CIBC Oppenheimer Corp.
President of
the Board
Reece School


Freeman/Frazier & Associates, Inc. (FFA) offers real estate consulting for individuals and institutions. Founded in 1982, the firm advises and acts on behalf of clients, in a wide range of real estate matters. In every job, we maintain a strong set of guiding principles and a commitment to intangibles, like innovation and creative thinking.

  • We know the concrete side of the business.We do not lose sight of aesthetics and the soul of a place.

  • We are experienced in every step of the real estate development process. Yet we aren't afraid to find new ways to arrive at a successful conclusion.

  • We are at home in the field, with plans and building materials in hand. Yet we also understand the temperament of artists and innovators.

Because we work consistently with both private sector clients and nonprofit organizations, we bring to our projects a rare beneficial synergy. For nonprofit clients, we do extensive site searches; the knowledge gleaned is invaluable to our private clients. For private clients, we do market research and zoning work; this "real life" experience is a great benefit to nonprofits.

  The fusion of vision and experience
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The fusion of vi

e fusion of vision and experience